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  Site last updated on 2005-12-23

This site contains information on insect cytochromes P450 (CYP genes) and their redox partners.

The site was last updated on December 19th, 2005
Each gene entry has its own update

Recent major updates include :

    - overall presentation of the site (December 19th, 2005)
    - inclusion of the Apis mellifera genes (December 19th, 2005)
    - inclusion of full-length (or near full-length) sequences of P450 from other insect species

Future updates will provide :

    - data on recently sequenced insect genomes

The P450 nomenclature first proposed by Nebert et al. in 1987 is used to describe insect cytochromes P450 in this site. We do not name CYP genes, but we use the names given by David R. Nelson and posted on his P450 site. However, all our entries are based on public GenBank nucleotide sequences for CYP genes, and their translation to P450 proteins. Our CYP names are thus the best, and usually unambiguous, matches to David Nelson's named protein sequences.

Recent review on insect P450 :

Feyereisen, R. 2005 Insect Cytochrome P450 in: Comprehensive Molecular Insect Science, vol. 4 pp 1-77. (ed. L. I. Gilbert, K. Iatrou & S.S. Gill) Elsevier.

Site evolution :

The site was originally hosted at the University of Arizona and included the P450 annotations of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome by Suzanne Paquette and Søren Bak (Paquette, S.M., S. Bak and R. Feyereisen. 2000. Intron-exon organization and phylogeny in a large superfamily, the paralogous cytochrome P450 genes of Arabidopsis thaliana. DNA and Cell Biology 19: 307-317 ) and of the Drosophila melanogaster genome by Nathalie Tijet and Christian Helvig (Tijet, N., C. Helvig and R. Feyereisen. 2001. The cytochrome P450 gene superfamily in Drosophila melanogaster: Annotation, intron-exon organization and phylogeny. Gene 262: 189-198.)

In 2001, the Arabidopsis data were moved to PlaCe in Copenhagen, in a new site maintained by Suzanne Paquette and Søren Bak, at the same time, the Drosophila data were moved to this INRA site.

In 2002, the Anopheles gambiae P450 annotations were made in collaboration with Hilary Ranson's laboratory at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. ( Ranson H, C. Claudianos, F. Ortelli, C. Abgrall, J. Hemingway, M.V. Sharakhova, M.F. Unger, F. H. Collins , and R. Feyereisen. 2002. The evolution of supergene families involved in insecticide resistance in A. gambiae. Science 298: 179-181.).

The site was expanded to other insects and redesigned by Emeline Deleury who curates the database from which this site is derived.

Suggestions for improvements to this site, and corrections of errors in annotation are welcome :
Rene Feyereisen

Acknowledgements : this site is maintained with support from INRA .
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